понедельник, 23 мая 2011 г.

SomeBody'S GonNa GetTa MiSs ReAl StroNg

So many months has passed so soon, and it's TIME TO SUM UP all we've reached or left to reach. As for IELTE, it gave us a plenty room of knowledge, and never let us get bored, maybe that's why it seems like passed fast. When I realize I'm home and no IELTE around, I'm goona getta hurt real bad)) maybe I won't but anyway I love IELTE.
I've never seen a plce better than this which could make us qualified on our own profession. See what's happening, we're speaking english fluently since we came here.Thanks to IELTE, first of all to its stuff...We really respect and value you!

среда, 11 мая 2011 г.


I never thought I woulda ever see myself outta control. So who's responsible for establishing this feelings in my soul growing to mind I got? Still ain't got fucking clues to my mother's soul. I ask myself still hoping for the paradise? NO! Still hoping to make her glad when I'm back there in her hands. I even refused helping her calling her when I had a chance and she was waiting for my ring. God, give me some conscious I never meant to hurt her. If there's any fuck never seen a truly love around, it's u have love inside. SPEND SOME TIME WITH ME AND TELL YOU'RE MINE PLEASE, MOM! GOD GIVE ME SOME CONSCIENCE!

Spend Some Time

How do you feel like when something deep down hurts and the cause is your mother? You love her very much when you need her or support from her but don't realize your soul really needs her, loves her, respects her? What do you do when you loose the connection between your soul and mind? Can you be proud you're a good son as I am doing? yeah I've been proud of myself of my god-damned successes that worth nothing here in my life. I grasped all because of my only mother! I called her to tell everything that's been hurting me about her, but she was busy I lost my chance. It stroke me I started getting moody and well-nigh cried. I have a death wish I've never had a conversation with her from my heart.

воскресенье, 1 мая 2011 г.

What I Usually Use Internet For?!?!

As the Internet is the biggest source of information all over the world, people use it to get appropriate resources for themselves and I'm not the exception too. I seldom visit Internet as I don't always have a deal to do there. I usually use to search info.,to chat or to download something. Internet can be a good source of wasting time. It's bisexual. It attracts boys and girls at the same level. Different sites giving different options about the same thing. I often prefer to visit spaces.ru, 05wap.ru and some others. Nice sites for cellular phones.

Feelings about 1st semester on IELTE

Huzzah! that was really cool not considering some failures and misunderstanding the scoring system which led me to be a C student. But I guess it ain't too late to be A, cause it was just one of eight. Again we're here, again we're ahead the road and again we're in the situation so called COMPETITION.
The most remaining details from the first semester was trying to know each other very well, as we didn't use to know before the study, and plus the exams we had at the end of the semester. Because we had to be the first group of students who experienced being tested based on computer tech.. It wasn't so difficult as we expected it to be, was unforgettable at the same time.
How come I got 4, but was afraid of 3 as I gradually was approaching to the unwanted aim. Still I'm grateful to Allah for 4. OK I'll quit playing with emotions and fly to the point. that was great, cool, unforgettable, a little bit sad, short, interesting and dull sometimes and the space given for me to write is not enough to write about those all, literally not enough, without any sort of exaggeration, NOT ENOUGH!!!

четверг, 28 апреля 2011 г.

That completely sucks!

I'd like to call this chapter of my life SUCK! or just UNWILLED WILLS!. I don't feel like growing any more, I don't fell like being able to do anything any more, I don't feel like seeing myself on the scene any more, I don't feel like being respected or valued any more, I don't feel like loving anybody any more, I don't feel like living as I wish any more, I don't feel like laughing, cheereing, smiling being happy any more, I don't feel like having that nice piece of fucking talent any more, I don't feel like sleeping any more,  and I don't feel like you speaking or trying to help me any more...

четверг, 6 января 2011 г.


Goal is something that automatically works in our brain. Even a young child also can keep some sort of goals in his\her mind. But let's look at this automatic working system from the scientific point of view. Five options of making goals :
Also possible to call SMART goals making an acronym out of them. Each of them has own rules that should be obeyed. And you can identify them as their names telling you what kind of rules they are.
Preventing to waste the time is setting goals. Nothing happens suddenly as they say. Then again, the speech is going about from the least things to the biggest that happen or likely to happen in our lives...